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James RICE monitors the progress of projects from concept to completion and provides updated reports along the way. We provide a team of experienced professionals that oversee the project team including NSC & E&M partner. Our team implements solutions to any future obstacles and priorities essential phases to reach project milestones


We are used to handling projects that are large and complicated investments, which require careful planning, oversight, and execution. We understand that all projects are unique and thus, are prone to their own unique challenges. Our team of experts at James RICE is well equipped to tackle any of these challenges that may arise throughout the project.

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Our company across various business sectors, managing the entire fit-out process – from kickoff meeting to construction, to project management and furnishings.

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With experience construction management team, sustainability consultants and an expert delivery team, James RICE stop at nothing to find the perfect solution for clients.

Services include office-space planning, pre-move consultancy and cost control, refurbishment and relocation and project management

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